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Why We’re In Business

We’re here to help you “Reclaim, Restore, and Recreate Your Home”SM.

We offer a range of integrated services to improve the look and feel of your home:

  • JUNK REMOVAL — We get rid of unwanted items for you, recycling or donating what we can.
  • GARAGE ORGANIZING — As part of our mission to assist you in your home success we offer a limited range of Garage (and other storage area) Cleanout and Organizing services.
  • SMALL TREE REMOVAL — We cut down and haul away small, non-hazard trees (25’ maximum rounded, 50′ maximum tall and skinny) for fire safety and landscape maintenance.
  • DRIVEWAY REPAIRS — We regrade and repair gravel driveways on a limited basis to improve the performance and appeal of your driving and parking areas.

Thank you for supporting Ben’s Zap Haul–a Locally-Owned, Ecologically-Oriented, Charitable, Third-Generation Nevada County Business.

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