Landscape Clearing Crew


  • Gravel Driveway Repair & Installation
  • Fire Roads
  • Parking Areas
  • Limited Asphalt Repair
  • In some situations a free telephone or email consultation is insufficient to determine if our services are a fit for your project. For customers who wish to purchase a $75 site visit we offer an in-person, one-hour consultation and will produce measurements and calculations if applicable. Whether or not your choose to hire us for the work (and in the case that we are not the right match for this job) the $60 can be applied towards future products or services.
  • Consultation fees are non-refundable.

Snow “Plowing” and Removal

Snow removal with the Zap Haul crew.

Serving central Grass Valley and Nevada City, Highway 20 near 5-Mile House; other areas by arrangement.

Ask Ben for Details: Call or Text (530) 428-5530 or email

• 10% Senior (62+), or Disabled Discount on labor and company owned equipment.