Tractor Work Penn Valley

Tractor Work Penn Valley

Ben’s ZAP! Haul & Earthwork Penn Valley

Ben’s ZAP! Haul & Earthwork is a full-service tractor and trailer operation, helping Penn Valley area property owners manage and beautify their land and home.

With over 300 hours of experience, and a down right love of dirt, we’ve got the purpose and the passion to help you get manage your property and get it beautiful. We can help with your gravel driveway, grading for outbuildings, brush clearing, and so much more.

Penn Valley is cowboy country in Northern California. We love to converge at the Tack Room and bring back square dancing, country music, and the juiciest steaks in the county. The vast fields in the spring time remind us how gosh darn blessed we are for the wet winters, and the bone-dry tall grass in the summer makes us antsy for the annual Penn Valley Rodeo!

If you’re in the 95946 zip code, we’re your go-to local-eco-charitable earthwork and tractor partner!

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