Need Tractor Work?

• Field Mowing (Green Grass Only)
• Rototilling (Moist Soil Only)
• Augering For Fence And Gate Posts, Tree And Shrub Planting, Etc. (Moist Season Only)
• Root Grapple For Brush And Wood Waste Removal.
• Driveway Repair.
• Material Handling (Wood, Manure, Construction Debris).
• Landscape Leveling For Sheds, Parking, Greenhouses, Etc.
• Water Bars, Swales, Drainage Solutions.

• Primary Equipment: 4WD 50-HP Light Commercial Tractor With 4-Way Bucket, 1,300 pound Gearmore 4G Scraper Box With Hydraulic Top, Tilt, And Rippers.

• Experienced Operator.

• Vibrating Plate Compactor

On-Site Service From $99*

  • Includes Equipment
  • 15-Minutes Transportation Delivery Time.
  • Fuel.
  • Operator.
  • 1-Hour Equipment Time.
  • Additional Equipment Time At $85/hour In 15-Minute Increments.

• Additional Equipment And Services By Special Arrangement.

• 10% Senior (62+), Disabled Discount.

• Locally Owned, State Licensed, Bonded.

• Certified Defensible Space Advisor.

• Proudly Serving The Greater Grass Valley Region Since 2016.

• Supporting Non-Profits Including Sammie’s Friends, Women Of Worth, Bicycle Recycle Project, And Others.

• Financial Assistance To Low-Income Individuals And Families For Essential Services May Be Available On A Case-By-Case Basis; Pending Documentation.

* Restrictions Apply: Minimum Service Fee Required. Half Hour Drive Time Included. Not All Services Are Available In All Areas.

Cal Lic. #1057146

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