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Option One:

Driveway Regrading Special: $299*

  • Special Includes Round-Trip Equipment Transportation Of 1-Hour
  • 2-Hours Equipment Time, Fuel, And Operator.
  • Additional Time At $85/Hour In 15-Minute Increments Up To $499.
  • Additional Gravel Not Included.

Option Two:

Driveway Maintenance Special: $499*

  • Includes 4-Tons Road Base To Spot-Treat Driveway
  • Round-Trip Equipment Transportation Of 1-Hour, 3-Hours Equipment Time, Fuel, And Operator.
  • Limited Service Area.
  • Limited Openings.
  • Restrictions Apply.

*Ask Ben For Details. Call for a quote or Text 530-428-5530. Locally Owned and Licensed. State Contractor’s License Pending.

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